Rahal Farms, a sustainable farming initiative created by Michael Rahal and located in Fairview, Tennessee, plans on adding the Center for Culinary Sustainability to its current operations. As an entity distinct from but operating in partnership with the farm, the school’s mission entails educating the public on proper nutrition and the impact of diet upon the land. The school will encourage a vision of sustainability in the face of a culture presently disconnected from the animals and land upon which the food supply depends.

The Center for Culinary Sustainability, created in partnership with renowned Chef Jamie Watson, will furnish students with courses tailored to specific seasons. These courses will emphasize the use of quality local ingredients, include Rahal Farms products, and instruct students in the proper technique of food preparation. In addition to their sustainable themes, the courses will offer guidance on the production of breads, preserved meats, and flavorful cheeses.

To learn more about Michael Rahal and the current sustainable practices at Rahal Farms, please visit www.rahalfarm.com.

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